Sunday, May 4, 2014

And I Didn't Buy Anything...

I managed to get away this weekend for a bit of horse related (and not horse related fun).

I went back to my old stomping grounds to go to a horse auction.  The students ride and train young horses which are auctioned off yearly. 

It's not really my breed or discipline of choice, but still fun for me to see how the horses do and if there is anything interesting.

One of the young horses

But I was interested to see how the foals of two young mares I knew that were long too young did in the sale.  They did ok, but not extreme prices compared to many started young horses.

I didn't buy anything.  I was tempted for approximately 2.75 seconds to bid on one of the older lesson horse mares going through the sale.  Exactly what I need is a broke Quarter Horse reining mare. 

But, I am a softy for making sure good horses land in good places.  We all know that one. 
It was also the birthday weekend of a good friend that I went and met up there.  Plus, we went to a birthday party for a friend's dog.  Who wouldn't have a good time?

Hope everyone else had a great weekend.

Dogs in party hats.  Why not?


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    1. LOL, he is a super shy mini Aussie. I am stoked we got a party on him at all and that he was hanging out with us. His expression is pretty good there though. ;)


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