Sunday, May 25, 2014

A Brush with the Law

The other day was a beautiful day weather-wise. 

Sunshine, green grass, and a mare that had some time off since my work hours were a little insane this past week.

 A couple fellow boarders offered to wait for me to join their trail ride, so I quickly saddled the SFM and joined the ride.  SFM did quite well and had no real issues.  She seemed to enjoy the company of both of the other horses.

However, as we were finishing the loop around the property, I saw a Sheriff squad car up on the barn property.  He slowly came back down the drive and stopped by where we were on the bridlepath.  He asked for me specifically and I was pretty anxious.

My husband had just left the barn on his motorcycle a short time before and my first instinct was that there had been some sort of accident.  However, as I spoke with the deputy it soon became clear.

My phone, which was left in the aisle at the barn, had dialed 911.  How it had dialed 911, I am not sure.  There was no one else near the phone, so unless one of the cats was sitting on it and triggered the distress call, I have no clue.  Better yet, the barn has almost zero reception, so I am even more surprised when a call made it out.

The emergency response center called back and of course, hit voicemail, so the sheriff department will send out a squad to investigate.

So my quiet little trail ride, ended up being an opportunity to meet with one of our finest.

Oh dear.

Note to self: leave phone in the car instead.  Actually, I think I should just invest in one of the little cell phone armbands.  Perhaps after I get my phone checked out as I am wondering if this little adventure was another sign of the software/hardware glitching.


  1. Oh my goodness! That was probably not funny when it was happening, but sitting here reading it I can't help laughing lol!! I'm glad the police officer wasn't upset and I'm glad nothing bad had happened with your husband... the phone dialing itself is a little creepy though hehe.

    1. Once I got past the feeling of immediate doom, it was pretty funny.

      I do definitely need to have my phone looked at though since it's not the only glitchy thing that has been happening!

  2. That is so scary! Glad everything was okay and your phone was just being dumb.


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