Monday, May 19, 2014

Memory Monday: The Auction

If anyone reading doesn't know my past, I grew up riding in the camp world on horses that were donated to the program.

As I grew older, I was more involved in their care and networking horses that needed a home as well as helping new horses find their way to camp.

There is an annual horse auction at one of my former universities.  It's usually horses in training that are sold, but they sell lesson horses as well.  I am not quite sure how it happened, but a friend and I decided we should buy a horse and give it to the camp, since they could use another solid horse.

I talked to people involved in the program and picked out one or two that were promising.  However, during the actual auction, the prices went too high. 

Then an Arabian gelding went through.  I didn't know a lot about him, but his rider had said he had been shown in 4H.  He looked cute.  We took a chance and purchased him for a couple hundred dollars.

What did we buy?

His name was Alex.

I had a bridle back in my dorm room, so I hopped on him bareback with this snaffle bridle.  He seemed pretty solid.  He was quick and agile.  I had high hopes and off to camp he went.

Fast forward time (as time always seems to go) and he has been incredible.  The best horse carrying small children on trail rides.  My first choice for leading out horses to the furthest fields.  An ideal horse to learn flying lead changes on.

He has been in the riding program there for nine years I think now.  Barefoot, sound, and full of spunk.

He is 25 now.  I hope he has many more happy years ahead of him!  I'd say he was a once in a lifetime, unintended auction purchase.


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