Saturday, May 17, 2014

Giving Back

I have a friend who used to breed Arabians, Morgans, and Morabs.

However, the past few years, she found herself wanting to give back to the community, so she switched to therapeutic riding and instruction.  The horses, of course, took it to a duck to water.

She helps not only disabled riders, but veterans, and those with terminal illnesses who need a little horse time to find that inner peace.

I live a fair distance away, so I don't see her as often as I would like, however, I had a chance to give back a little of my own this year.

I had off Friday, so I went up to groom, clip, and clean up some of the horses.  I am not sure how many horses were involved.  I think seven.  I just know there were a lot of hair involved and some very sweet horses.

This is one of the therapy horses.  He was actually a stallion until a medical emergency made it necessary to geld him.  He has such impeccable manners and is such a champ.  Looking good for 25. 
Today, I got up and did farm chores.  I was hoping to get done in a quick enough fashion so I could go to the actual open house.  I did and it was a lot of fun.  Riding demos, horses to snuggle, a rider demonstrating tricks with her horse, and a bit more.  I cruised the silent auction, however, only ended up winning one item: a feed pan filled with various fly sprays, wound sprays, and grooming sprays.  

Another therapy horse.  OK, so it's a miniature horse, so so incredibly adorable.

I am of course, quite supportive of a variety of these programs, however, I have a soft spot for the Horses4Heroes program.  My husband is a veteran and I am grateful for all he has done, even when it was quite difficult.  If you are interested or know someone that may be interested in services, feel free to check out the link.

I know my friend's program is offering free lessons with horses (riding/groundwork) for active personal, veterans, immediate family, law enforcement, and so forth.  Heroes come in many forms.

So, I gave a few moments of my time to give back and help those who has given much more: both equines and humans.  

Hope everyone else had a great weekend! 


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