Saturday, May 24, 2014

Exterminator Horse: Bringing to a Barn Near You

My motley crew tonight.  In case you have never seen a horse eating from a feedbag, there you go.  Two horses eating from feedbags. 

The filly is also sporting two different color plaids.  I know, the horrors.

The filly is doing well undersaddle.  I think she now has about a dozen rides.  She has been ridden in the outdoor arena with the jumps and did pretty well, besides some excited head shaking and jigging.  She is getting pretty solid in her walk trot transitions and getting more comfortable with the idea of consistently moving off of leg, compared to just speeding up. Whoa is definitely her favorite gait. 

Lots to be excited about for a young horse.  I am glad she is coming along so nicely.  No major rush to doing anything more fancy, but just being solid and calm and easy is much to be happy about I think.


  1. Chrome's favorite gait in those first rides was whoa too. Now he likes to go fast hehe. Silly boy. I'm glad your filly is doing well. Those feed bags are cool! Where did you get them? And why use them, besides that they are neat?

    1. These particular feedbags came from Schneiders at

      In my case, my horses are fed in the pasture and this way ensures that every horse is eating what they are supposed too. No more musical buckets, no more knocking feed pans over. The timid horses can go find a corner and eat quietly in peace.

      The horses that like to fling grain all over are also safely contained. ;)

      Not sure why more people don't use them. They have definitely been worth the $10 I paid. ;)

    2. That's kind of what I was thinking when I saw the picture that it would make things so much easier without the musical bucket problem lol. I didn't even think about the messy eaters. That's genius. Does anyone ever have problems with them choking from holding their heads up high while eating or do they generally put it on the ground like the one in the picture?

    3. They all put it down on the ground or up against an object like a fence pole. The naughty ones go and put it in the water trough to make their own soup. Not an issue unless you have powdered supplements in there, LOL.

      My grey mare in the photo is done and is waiting for me to take it off, LOL. They usually get pretty quick at coming up to the gate and hanging their heads over for easy feed bag removal.

    4. Oh my goodness! I could totally see Chrome putting it in the water haha!! I actually wet his food down anyway so it wouldn't matter hehe. This is very cool. Thanks for sharing!


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