Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Blog Hop: Right Here Right Now

Another hop from Viva Carlos

What are you currently working on in your rides or lessons?

I have many things I need to currently work on. 

They include (but not exclusively)

  • not looking down
  • not losing my inside rein
  • keeping my horse respecting my inside leg
  • keeping a more through bend
  • using the actual corners of the ring
  • general strength and conditioning
  • not forgetting that I have a left hand and left leg

    How about you folks?  Your current goals?


  1. Wait there are corners in the ring? lol

    1. I apparently have been ignoring them all of my life. I thought they were just for storing muck buckets and jumps and things. Not actually for riding.

  2. Found your blog on L's blog hop. The Arabian in your header picture is so gorgeous!!!!

    I always have a loooooong list of things I need to work on so I just focused on what my horse is working on for my post hehe. :D

    1. LOL, my list is obviously not all inclusive. Thanks for finding your way here. The mare in my header is the Semi Feral Mare ;) She is a pretty gal though.


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