Sunday, November 2, 2014

10 Things I Didn't Know

10 Things I Didn't Know 10 Years Ago

(Keep in mind my background was primarily just trail riding, riding western, and working problem horses).  :)

1.  I had no idea how to ride the correct diagonal
2.  Wrapping polos was a major mystery.  I am still not fantastic, but at least I mostly get it.
3.  The hunter/jumper world.  I didn't really understand how jumping could have a style.
4. I didn't know on an English bridle if the cavesson went over or under the cheek pieces. 
5.  Counting strides.  Still not something I can say I can do well, but at least I understand the point of them.
6.  How to do basic lateral movements on a horse.  The extent of my previous life was a sidepass.  Now there are too many buttons to try and address. 
7.  How to blanket a horse.  Seriously.  So many questions I had to answer like crossing leg straps, what denier, what type of turnout?
8.  The difference between all purpose, dressage, close contact saddles, etc.  It was a bit confusing until I actually rode in all of them.  Sometimes the light bulb takes a bit to warm up & turn on.
9.  Two point was also a foreign concept
10.  How or why to clip a bridle path. 

So how about you?  What things did you not know 10 years, 5 years, or last year? 


  1. I'm with ya on most of your list. Still can't do lateral movements unless you count a spook - which I don't think I should *snigger*
    Why do people clip bridle paths? *blush*

    1. Ps 2, 3, 5, (6), 8 & 9 are still struggle bus unknown to me. So you are well ahead of me in the knowledge stakes ☺

  2. I learned bridle paths RIGHT Away but in an arab barn, I remember when I had to do a hunter bridle path on a lesson horse my trainer didn't ask how or who I learned from, shaved so much mane off before she remembered I rode arabs.

  3. Most of these! I don't blanket my horse or know anything about the English world. I just want to ride for fun, but I am always willing to learn more, given the opportunity!

  4. This would be so hard to do because I don't remember when I learned this stuff... I don't know 2, 3 and 5 even now. I literally just tried two point for the first time last month. I know how to do some of the basic lateral movements, but I have no idea how to teach them which is why I need lessons! As for the differences in the saddles, I know them by sight, but I haven't ridden in them all... This whole list (minus blankets and bridlepaths) could apply to me if I did it for twelve years ago instead of ten, since I started working at the dressage stable twelve years ago that's when I learned all of this lol!! Before that I was like you only knowing western and trail riding. :D Great list!

  5. It's amazing how much we realize we don't know. Haha. But if we didn't keep learning, why would we still do it?


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