Monday, May 5, 2014

Let's Say Thanks

Today seems like a day to say thank you to multiple people.

Thank you for my job to pay the horse bills.

Thank you to my husband who held my horses for the farrier while I had to work.

Thank you to the barn manager who made sure my husband could catch said feral acting horses while I was at work.

Thank you to the farrier who did an excellent job on their feet.  Such fine looking toes.

Thank you to the ponies who decided to be mostly well behaved when I brought them in.  The poor SFF is dealing with too many hormones and is trying to figure out if she is a little filly or a mare right now.

Thank you to the SFM who was well behaved on an excellent trail ride.

Thank you to the person who actually hacked out with me on the trail ride.  I always love good company.

How about you folks?  Anything to be thankful about today.


  1. Thankful for my husband, my friends, my job, and my animals. Thankful that Shy was a well behaved pony at the clinic. Thankful for friends who have big trucks and friends who let us borrow trailers so we can get to places.

  2. Thankful to work from home because it means I got a bit more shut eye today!


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