Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Big Week for the SFF

The SFF was a lucky girl this week.  If by lucky, you mean thoroughly vaccinated.

She had yesterday off and then tonight, I went out with a friend to ride her again.  This is ride number six.

However, after arriving at the barn, I realized that tonight was driving night for the mini horse.  So that meant that either we went outside in the very muddy, very sloppy round pen or we hung out inside with the driving horse.  Which for a horse that isn't even green broke can be entertaining. 

The SFM wouldn't be caught dead near a driving horse.  I think she'd rather die to be honest than to watch a cart go by.  But then again, she is a little dramatic.

But we decided to go ahead and my friend got up on the little filly.  I had a lead rope on her in case of unexplained hijinks and away we went.  

The driving mini also had an obstacle course set up complete with weaving road cones, a tarp, and a tarp bride (high jump sides with a tarp all down the center).

Cool.  Lots of things for the SFF to look at.  Plus the mini.  And the whole cart thing.

So let's recap the scenario.

Ride six on a three year old Arabian filly involving various obstacles, a mini in harness, and a busy barn outside.  

I feel like this could have been the making of a very bad horror film.

But the SFF was excellent.  Maybe it was her upbringing or her fear that if she misbehaved, the vet was going to come back for more injections.  ;)

She bravely walked over the tarp and the tarp bridge.  The only situation where she was a bit goosed was when she was walking next to the tarp and the mini trotted over the tarp, rustling it pretty loudly.

We had the chance for plenty of mini + tarp later and she seemed quite bored by the event later.

Way to go SFF.  What a rock star.

Ideas for more obstacles please?  :) 

PS the SFM also went over the tarps, but only after her daughter showed her how.  Go figure.  :) 

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  1. American Competitive Trail Ride has a bunch of different obstacles on its website.

    Working Equitation has a bunch on its website:

    And Parelli:
    although Parelli might charge you to see the information.


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