Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Blog Hop: Let's Make A Baby

Another Blog Hop from L @ Viva Carlos

If you could/were so inclined to breed your horse WHO would you breed your horse to and Why! 

I did breed the SFM once and ended up with the SFF.  I think I did pretty well that time as the Semi Feral Filly is not really as feral as one might think and she has been a Class A Winner multiple times on the breed circuit.
But, let's pretend to breed the SFM some more!

If money were no object, I'd love to have a purebred by *Khadraj NA.  Khadraj is a purebred Arabian stallion with national titles in hand and under saddle in western pleasure.  He has an incredible strike rate and is a steady producer of national producers.

Incredible athlete that has been an even more talented sire.

Wait, there's more.

The SFM has actually been bred to Khadraj once producing a gelding that has had a pretty amazing show career with national titles of his own. 

Last year, her gelding won the biggest class at US Nationals.  Pretty cool. Too bad I can't say I was any part of that breeding or planning.  That's probably why I am here on the blog hop planning out what I could do in my fantasy world instead of executing that plan.  ;)

Now...just to keep the SFM mare busy, I would also love to cross her with a stock horse and see what would happen.  I think the neat thing about Arabians is that they are quite versatile and I would love to see what a nice cross would do with her.

How about Pale Face Dunnit?  AQHA reining horse stallion.  Dun & Palomino with chrome.  I'd also think it would be fun to dabble in having a half Arabian reiner.  The money is growing and good prospects are getting quite hard to find.

Bear with me.  I want to go to the other extreme and go warmblood shopping for a minute.  Maybe I will check out a future date for the Semi Feral Filly.  

How about Rosenthal? The magnificent black Hanoverian of the R line.

Yeah, I think I may have a stallion shopping problem.  I have a long list of stallions that I like. I also have two mares.  So tempting, however, my income keeps me in check.  If I didn't board, this would be a more realistic endeavor.  Someday! 


  1. Wow! That tail!
    So many options. . .

    1. Hahaha...have to love an show Arabian's tail :)

  2. That is pretty cool. Somedays I want to abandon the open circuit and just go do breed circuits instead.

    1. I haven't shown on a rated open show circuit, but I really have enjoyed breed circuits in general.

  3. Fun! The stallions (and her gelding) are gorgeous!! I wish you had posted pictures of SFF for us new readers hehe. :D I'll go back through your archives and see if I can find a picture of her instead.

    1. Well..your wish is my command. I'll do a "intro" type post today :)

    2. Yay!! Thank you!! :D I look forward to reading it.


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