Friday, April 25, 2014

So Much Cute

How could you not look at this and not squee a little?

Little colt that was born last week at my barn.

Back to regular programming.  Sorry, not as entertaining as the specials, I know.

The SFF had another ride Wednesday night and did well.  It was a different rider, who hopefully will be able to keep a semi consistent schedule and help expose her to a few things.  

When I went out this afternoon, I went ahead and just lunged the SFF for a bit in the round pen and then decided to work on bridling.  I know, bad owner.  My horse is undersaddle and isn't very patient about being bridled.  I sometimes take things for granted because I am very tall and my horses usually are not, so even if they pull a giraffe maneuver, I can easily just reach up and still bridle them.

However, I realize that in order to make the SFF into more of a civilized equine, she should be more apt at being bridled.

She seemed to do quite a bit better after just a few times bridling and unbridling, so major plus there.

The SFM was well..a little semi feral.  ;)  She has been quite good, however, it was an upsetting day for her.  Change in her world isn't cool.  Her beau of a pasturemate was sold so she is just stuck with the SFF as a companion, which while better than no companion in her world, doesn't rank highly on her list.

So she decided that while riding and out of eyeshot of the SFF (who did call once or twice), she was going to being a dork and see if she could find her missing friend. 

Not likely horse.  Not likely.

But tomorrow is a lesson, so let's see if we survive that one.  Poor SFM.  So much trauma in one week.

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