Saturday, April 5, 2014

Feeling A Little Crazy

Long week at work, but that of course, is nothing different.

Had a wonderful fuzzy bareback ride on the mare late Wednesday night.  I opted to ride bareback since I thought it would take less time to just crawl on her and waddle around then try and drag all my tack out of the tack locker.

I have a lot of tack.

And it seems to take quite a while to find and put everything away.

Fast forward to today.

Had another great ride on the SFM.  Didn't have anyone to go outside with, but we had some nice trot sets in the indoor, working on quietly controlling our pace on the rail.  The SFM is still in the mode of circles=friends and the rail=raceway, so it is always pleasant when she doesn't go into the 17047042 steps per hour mode.

Worked the little filly on the ground and she was good.  I put a different bridle on her and not sure how I feel about the bit.  The bit on the second bridle is happy mouth boucher, but I think it may be a little too fat for her tiny little face.  

I had hopes that the filly would be in a cob sized bridle this year, so I can show her in hand in her mother's bridle AKA not have to buy more new bridles.

But the filly is definitely pony sized.  Like not-even-on-the-last-hole pony sized. 

I suppose this means it's time to go pony dressage bridle shopping.  OK midget horse.  You are owned by someone that is almost six foot.  Grow a head won't you. 

The midget in all her glory tonight.

When I got home, I had a pleasant surprise from a friend who just decided to sketch a picture of one of my horses.

This only took her a few minutes.  Wish I had talent.  It is of the semi feral filly.  :) 

This leads me to my crazy conclusion:

The SFM seems so domestic lately.  Would it be absolulely crazy to think about taking her to a rated show?  She is going to be nineteen, but going so nicely this year.  Apparently either myself or her have figured out a way to effectively communicate in the past few months.  


  1. I am always in awe of people who can draw like that!
    The filly is still pony sized? That's crazy, haha!

    1. Well she is 14.2 and a half hands tall, but apparently her head is still itty bitty sized.

      Then again, why am I surprised. She grew out of a weanling halter not too long ago...

  2. Gorgeous drawing, I wish I could draw!
    Best of luck if/when you decide to go showing ;-)

  3. TAKE HER TO A SHOW, that sketch is lovely!


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