Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Blog Hop: Commerical Moment

From L at Viva Carlos

Realistic things I am purchasing this year.  Perhaps a timely thread, since Midwest Horse Fair Expo begins in just a few days and I will be on the prowl.

*I am looking for a pony sized dressage bridle to show my midget sized filly in-hand, since she can no longer show in a halter for sport horse classes.

*Fly spray concentrate is usually pretty reasonable at the expo.

*White dressage breeches.  Probably won't find some in my size at the expo, but I can wander and hope.

Not sure what else I am on the hunt for this year.  I recently bought an old Passier saddle for the filly, since the rest of my tack is supermegahugewide and the filly is well...not so much.

I will have to share what I find at the expo instead!


  1. Horse expo sounds fun!! Hope you get some good things!!

  2. I have always wanted to go to a horse expo!

  3. Really looking forward to horse expo report, those things are awesome!
    Hope you dind what you're looking for and loads of other fab bargains on things you didn't know you needed ;-)


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