Friday, April 18, 2014

The Semi Feral Equestrian makes an Appearance

I am pretty self conscious.  I don't like looking at mirrors as I am not a fan of my reflection.

So truth is, I don't really like or have many pictures of me with my horses.  It's also hard to do the whole take pictures while actually riding thing. 

But you lucky readers, you, get to have two photos with both the mare and the filly today.  How's that for a prize? (Or possibly not ;) )

The mare did well today.  Just worked around in the indoor for a few minutes and then went outside to the grass outdoor.  There are some pretty deep ruts and divots though and she is a little uncoordinated, so it was more tripping than serious work.  However, we were outside to give a friend moral support, so that we could do.  :)

So here is my mare selfie.  OK, not so much of a picture and quite the not complimentary angle.  ;)  

The filly had ride number four today outside in the round pen and she was well behaved.  She is in raging heat, so good to know she isn't an unpleasant mare while in season, even if all she can do is flirt non-stop while turned out.  

The friend riding her just worked mostly on walk/trot transitions, stopping, basic turns on the forehand, and a soft back.  She just seems very cooperative and her counterclockwise work is very nice.  Clockwise..well..she has room for improvement, but baby steps for sure.

Then I decided to go ahead and sit on the filly and see how she felt.  Because of my back problems, I have been slow to get on and do a lot of the initial backing of her.  One good jump and I would completely tweak everything again, but the filly was being so cooperative that I just had to try.  

I had hoped that the filly would have a smooth, easy trot.  Or not.  Too much suspension.  Oy vey.  But I still have hopes there.  ;)  

But there you go.  The Semi Feral Equestrian and the little midget filly.  

Hope everyone else is having a great Friday.


  1. Cute pictures! I used to hate my picture taken too and then they just bombarded me one summer and well... You get used to it and then kind of enjoy it. I regret not having pictures with LB and I. You guys look great and I'm glad you had a good ride.

  2. Yay for photos with your girls; I have similar issue of not having anyone on hand to photograph me when riding - the buddy that has snapped vids & photos of me lately is moving yards next weekend :-(

    So glad the SFF is coming on so nicely under saddle - I still can't believe she is of riding age already!


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