Saturday, April 26, 2014

Lesson Time

Holy smokies.

Got up early and did barn chores like normal.  Often the DH comes out and helps do different things so I get done quicker, but there was a car swap and well...I do the horse thing and cars/motorcycles are his.  So, I went ahead and did what I needed to do.

I was running a little behind schedule aka had a dirty horse when the lesson was supposed to start.  Oops.

Also, the horses were extra stupid because of the sold horse, introducing the love of the SFM back into the pasture (only for a few hours at a time), and everyone being in raging heat.  The SFM was living up to her name.  The owner of the gelding was kind enough to put him in his stall which is by the arena, so the SFM could be convinced she could see him and not die while being ridden.

Because you know, the world would end without this gelding.

I will be happy when she is out of heat and this settles down a little.  Horsey soap opera I tell you.

But overall, the lesson was productive.  We continue to struggle with our left side in general.  The SFM often gets stuck on moving off of my left leg, I tend to leave my left rein too long and end up pulling down/back towards my knee instead of just shortening it, and just in general that side needs work.

But I am glad to be made aware of it.  We did some exercises overbending her a bit on the left circle and pushing her hard off my left leg until she moved off and letting her have a more regular bend as a reward.  A little weird to explain, but seemed to be helpful.  

We introduced some basic canter work again.  The SFM has a very nice comfortable canter.  I sometimes forget because I have been so fixated on trying to fix other things that I often just don't canter.  In addition to having a broken horse for a long while, which rather hindered the cantering thing.

But I look forward to doing some more canter work.  She seemed to enjoy it, but certainly needs to be in better shape to hold the canter better and more efficiently.

Things to work on, but always good to have feedback.

How about you guys?  Any good lesson feedback lately?

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