Monday, April 14, 2014

All was Fair at the Fair

Friday and Saturday I went to the horse expo.

If you've never been, picture a ton of booths, vendors, horses, clinics, and competitions.  It's filled with tons of things to do and see.  

I have gone for several years and always enjoy myself, but then again, I am not hard to please.  Friday I went with my husband which was nice to spend time with him, but the downside is it is hard to go shopping when he is doing the what-the-heck-are-you-spending-money-on look.  

So, we went and wandered the booths, attended a seminar on trailering safety, watched some presentations, caught up with friends, and then attended the rodeo.

Speaking of rodeos..

This roping horse wasn't impressed.

It appeared he had some other rope caught on his leg that he was not thrilled about.

I watched a few stallion presentations and liberty runs.  

Not a fan of this stallion.  But people seemed to like his hair.  I know people like that too.

Then on Saturday, I had a chance to go shopping.  I bought a Kensington rain sheet for the semi feral filly and a new Kensington fly mask.  We'll see how they work out for the poor delicate soul.

I also bought another pair of little ear clippers to see if having a smaller pair of battery operated clippers will make my wrangling simpler.  

Pepi for that show ring shine...

And that's pretty much it.  So many things to look at and buy, but so little monies.  It's not a fair with lots of high end equipment for some crowds, but there are deals if you look around and I just mostly enjoy meeting and chatting with all my horse friends.

Cool Percherons pulling an antique hearse

A little beyond my skill
How about you guys?  Anyone enjoy going to expos or horse fairs?  Favorite things to do, buy, and see?


  1. Never been but would love to go!

  2. Love going to those things, always so informative! Just wish I has an unlimited budget when there ;-p

  3. I wish they did that stuff at the Equine Affaire I go to. It's mainly all show jumping and a little bit of Stacy Westfall hahaha.


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