Thursday, April 10, 2014

Feliz Cumpleanos

Yesterday, the semi feral mare turned 19.

I thought about getting birthday hats and subjecting her to some form of a humiliating photo.  But I didn't.  Maybe the big 2-0 will warrant a hat and cake.

A hat??

Instead, I went out late after work.  She got to work a bit on her birthday, but enjoyed a few candy canes and a small handful of grain as a reward.

After some harrowing adventures last year (colon displacement, tendon injury), I am grateful that she is still here.

So happy birthday to the pretty girl.  I hope we have many more to share together.


  1. the 2-0 does warrant silly stuff. Happy Birthday SFM!

  2. Happy birthday beautiful!
    Roll on the big 2-0 & party hats :-D


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