Sunday, April 6, 2014

A Literary Bonanza

Parts of my family are horsey too.  Not sure if I mentioned this or not.

My grandparents bred and had Arabian horses (among other animals) for decades. 

Perhaps it was simply genetic when I decided at a young age, I too, preferred the Arabian horse.  

The other week, I came home and my husband asked me what I ordered from Ebay.  I, of course, said I had no clue since I didn't remember buying anything online recently unless I had taken up sleep shopping.

I opened the box to find many wonderful old Arabian horse books.  There are several Arabian yearbooks, old farm catalogs, a book on Kellogg Arabians, and more.

A literary bonanza!  I love looking at the old photos and seeing how things evolve and change.  Despite the modern way of approaching things, I have found some amazing nuggets of wisdom in a wonderful old horsemanship book I found in a dusty corner of a used book store.

I decided to flip open one of the Arabian Horse Yearbooks to a random page and surprisingly enough, it opened to a horse that I know.


An Arabian stallion, last owned by my family.

 I haven't seen that photo before.  I will have to see what other photos I have online of him.

Here is an older ad I had found years ago.

Anyone else love the older books or magazines and what you can find? 


  1. What a lovely surprise...had you ordered the books or was your fairy godparent spoiling you?

    1. I should have clarified! It was my grandmother who sent the books. Amazing.

  2. I love looking in older books! I have a Haflinger book that has photos from way back before Haflingers even came to the US. Lots of old photos from Austria showing how the Haflingers were used back then. Amazing!
    How cool for you to have all those books to go through :)

    1. Allison, you should absolutely share some photos from the Haflinger book! It would be awesome.

  3. My trainer has tons of old show horse books and thoroughbred stallion books that she actually is considering giving to me. :)

    1. Do it, do it, do it. So much fun to look at the old books. Old stallion books are awesome too!

  4. Just fishing around internet to explore my beloved mare's (Gaye Abandon) pedigree... came across this site. Gay Gaero was her sire. I owned her a glorious 21 years, before her passing at age 25. She lived in Southern Calif. Beautiful white mare. She produced a filly named Amirs Cleopatra by Amirrafon in 1990. Last I heard Cleo was in Tehachapi Calif.


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