Sunday, November 22, 2015

The Auction

It is fairly unusual for my husband and I to both have days off together, but this weekend, stars aligned and we were both off.

Unfortunately, it was the first major snow in the frozen tundra this past Friday.  We were planning on going to an auction Saturday morning and found out that the auction was postponed.

But hurrah, it was just postponed until Sunday, so we hoofed it out there today (Sunday).

The crowd wasn't very large.  It was cold: about 8 degrees Fahrenheit when we got there.  We were standing in various garages and pole buildings and I was dressed in typical Midwestern winter gear: thermals, jeans, insulated boots, SmartWool socks, heavy jacket, and a not-so-fashionable hat.

The Frozen Tundra isn't exactly known for its fine style.  It wasn't cold enough to wear the insulated coveralls yet.  I dig those out when it's subzero or so.  

 But I digress.  The major interest in this auction was that there was random horse items.  I wasn't sure because auctions have a tendency of running up prices over useless pieces of garbage like forty year old stiff bridles and aluminum bits.

But there was several new(er?) looking western saddles, some ancient cutback English saddles, a beautifully restored Doctor's Buggy, and an adorable easy entry cart.

I told my husband maybe if something went cheap enough.

Well, we came home with a truckload of items.  

-Easy Entry Cart
-Western Saddle
-Three huge water troughs
-A heavy old wooden show trunk filled with horse items
-Park style benches and planters
-Buckets with new grooming brushes

This was all around $100.  The saddle and the cart were the bulk of the purchase price.  I've always envisioned being able to drive Chili filly, so I guess I have another new project to work on.

The western saddle is new.  About a 7.5" gullet, 17" seat with no name.  Certainly seems like it will be able to find a new home easy enough. 

The trunk was filled with showing antiques.  What a blast from the past, including some old mice nests.

It included Saddlebred show shoes, Absorbine liniment from the 1970s, various bicycle chain bits(!), halters, lead ropes, and all kinds of various other things.  Considering we paid a dollar for the show trunk, it was well worth that just to dig around and see what we found. 

So have you ever gone to an auction and come home with treasures?


  1. Ive always wanted to go to an action!!

  2. So jealous! Sounds like an awesome haul!!

  3. Wow, that's cool! I've never bought anything at auction, but maybe I'll have to try it!


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