Sunday, November 15, 2015


I have been negligent I know in updating the blog.

So, I am working on changing that, because I know everyone really needs to hear the daily life and account of a slightly feral person and two underworked, overstimulated horses.

I may also be overstimulated.  It depends on the day and the level of coffee I've consumed.

Regardless, let's go back on track.

A couple weeks ago, we had a bloom of lovely fall weather in the 70s.  It's the midwest.  It really shouldn't be 70, but it was.  

So I've been taking baby steps in getting the baby horse out on the trails.  OK, she's four, but still, small steps.

My husband, my best friend, her significant other, and I all went out to the barn on one of these lovely days.  My friend rode Ms Donni and I had the Chili filly.  Chili lead most of the way on the trails, but was quite suspicious of the different colored leaves.  Really?  Leaves?

The trails behind the barn aren't very long, but there are some small sloping paths.  Chili went down part of one of the paths, but then wasn't sure how to go down and up a big dip. 

My husband had to go ahead and "lead" the trail ride on foot.  Quite amusing, but he's such a good guy for doing so.

Chili, of course, has known him since birth, so happily followed him along.  What a dork horse.

I took advantage of the next nice days and we worked on waddling out on the trails alone.  I am quite proud of Chili.  She still is hesitant and not quite confident, but she did it.  We even masters going up and down the dips.

On the way home, she seemed happy enough to do a light trot.  I am not sure if that helps manage her anxiety, but going into a nice working trot on the bit, but I'll take it.

So little Chili, time to keep growing up!

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  1. Miss Kika is also afraid of different coloured leaves and random patches of sunlight and basically anything that's not like the rest and/or wasn't there name it & it scares the big chicken *sigh*
    Chili is such a legend and it sounds 100% adorbs that she followed your hubby no questions asked.


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