Monday, June 16, 2014

Of Owning A Midget Horse

So I went out to the barn after work today.  So many things to do, so little time.  I need to start writing a list before I manage to show up at the show with nothing but a horse in tow.

But, anyway, I bought a new pony dressage bridle to try and fit the midget horse (the SFF).  The cob bridle I have was too big.  Pony bridle almost fits except for the cavesson.  So now I need to try and find a cob sized cavesson that won't overwhelm the little head.

Oh bother.

So many issues.  

Oh look, a Texas Longhorn.  Nothing to do with anything, besides another vacation photo.

But first step is that the truck and trailer are hooked up.  A good first step towards surviving The Show.


  1. Silly-sized horses are the worst! I feel like I've never actually met a "regular" size horse that fits in everything. Who makes up these sizes anyways?!

  2. LOL all of mine have fit in regular sized stuff. Have you tried Arab specific stuff? I think some companies make Arab sized bridles.... maybe lol. Good luck at the show!


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