Saturday, September 6, 2014

Show Photos

 I went ahead and bought two pictures from the show photographer.  I was a little disappointed that the show photographer got so few photos considering the number of classes, but that's life I suppose!  There were quite a few horses in each class, so maybe that was part of the issue.

So, here you go.  I don't often have people out at the barn with me to take pictures, so I guess there isn't much proof online that I can ride a horse.  ;)

There is a story on the boots too.  I bought a nice pair of Ariat dress boots, but the calf ended up being a little too tight.  I thought I could have them stretched, but the cobbler I took them too said I couldn't.  I ended up running out of time to decide what to do with them, so out of desperation, I ordered a cheap pair of dress boots from Horze.  They sent the wrong side.  The boots were so tiny that I think they may have fit me when I was approximately 8 years old.

So, my choices were either to wear my suede half chaps and paddock boots or to wear my winter tall boots.  I ended up going with the winter boots.  So if you are wonder, "What the heck?" that is that part. 

And it was an open show, so I wasn't as concerned about having everything put together after all of the chaos that was going on.  I know, pretty lazy on my part, but there's probably a reason I don't make a good equestrian princess.  ;) 

Chili with her rider.  Not me.  ;) 

 This is me below.  Oh dear.  ;)  But on the plus side, the SFM was very domesticated looking!  Lots to work on, but there you go.  Not bad for pretty much having boots issues, borrowing a close contact saddle, and everything else and pretending to be a hunter pleasure horse. 

SFM wants to just be a babysitter instead.

This job is much easier and much preferred, K thanks. 
Update on the injured rider.  Sounds like she is stable, but will be hospitalized for an extended period of time.  Much improved situation, I think.  :)


  1. Stunning photos of your gorgeous girls.
    Glad the rider is improving, hope the recovery goes well for her.

    1. THanks Aoife. The rider is still improving. Long road ahead of her, but any progress is good.

  2. The girls look drop dead gorgeous!!

  3. Wow her trot looks so lovely! Great photos

    1. It's a pretty good trot. I can't complain, considering she did the splits and really did some major hock/hind end damage a few years ago, so sometimes I get frustrated because I'd like more of "that" trot, but thanks for the validation. ;)

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks L. I'm certainly no pro, but it was pushing me beyond my comfort zone to go into a ring class. And I didn't even die, so there you go. :)

  5. You look great! So do your mares! I'm glad you got a couple of show photos. :D I'm also glad the injured lady is improving.


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