Saturday, March 1, 2014

I'm Still Here...No Worries

So perhaps (or not so), I have been gone from the blog for a short while.

I was able to take a vacation to someplace far from this frozen tundra.  Amazing, right?  Some days, it was about 100 degrees warmer than home.  Seriously.

Look water, that isn't frozen

But enough of that.  I didn't do anything horse related, however, I did see a few horses while we drove through the sugar cane fields.  Unfortunately the grazing was poor and the horses were in such poor shape that I didn't have the heart to take a photo of them.

But I did get horse related news while I was gone.

I had entered a photography contest hosted by a major Arabian horse show and ended winning one category and getting ribbons in a few others.  How cool.  I don't profess to knowing anything about photography, but it's on the bucket list to improve my skills in.

Wee, the little filly won something!
Also, at the same show, the semi feral mare's gelding son also did some major winning, winning several western championships.  Very cool!  Family winning.  ;)

Rob Hess Photography
Someday, my goal is to show a horse in Scottsdale and not photography.  :)  

Hope everyone else has been well in my absence. 


  1. Is that Western Side Saddle?!?!?!?!?!

    1. Yes! I want to show western sidesaddle someday too!

      The mare's son is an awesome western sidesaddle horse! National titles and all. Very jealous. :)

  2. Great to keep winning in the family! The SFM produces lovely offspring. Congrats on the photography wins & I hope you had a fab break from cold, snow and ice. Photo looks fab - where were you if you don't mind my asking?
    Feel free to ignore the question if I'm being too nosy! :-)

    1. LOL--no worries Aoife!

      I was in the Dominican Republic. Mostly Punta Cana, but did go out and see other parts of the island. The photo was from the southern shore on the Caribbean.


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