Thursday, March 20, 2014

Blog Hop: What's In Your Bucket

From Viva Carlos

What do you feed?

I board, so some things I don't have complete control over.  My horses are pasture boarded as I like for them to be able to move around more and it's a bit easier to keep two that way.  During grazing months, they are usually on a partial day of grass, but it can vary depending on needs. 

The boarding barn is a bit different that way as each pasture has different grazing times/hours.  Some horses can be out all day and then just dry lotted in the evening, while some are just out for an hour or two due to metabolic issues or laminitis or whatever specifically.  I think it is nice to have options.

But as for grain, I feed Tribute.  I have fed others, but I feel that Tribute has more than given me the best bang for my buck.

In addition, there is a joint supplement in the ration balancer for the Semi Feral Mare.  Bonus points, since she can't sort it out, knock it over, or any other way that joint supplements can disappear. 

It is very cost effective.  I think the last time I ran the numbers, it is approximately $.70/day for her grain.

The filly is also on a ration balancer (aptly named because it is a nutrient dense feed meant to be fed in the 1-2 pound range).  It is meant to be a complement to forage fed in the diet, not the main provider of nutrients or calories.  In my case, it works out well.  The filly is also on a bit of a fat supplement from the same company to add a bit of boost.  The winter was so long and miserable that she seemed to need a bit more.

However, she is looking rounder all the time, so I am sure I will pull her off this spring.

I have done the other supplements and at this point and time, don't see so much need.  I know vitamin and mineral wise, that my horses have everything.  They have enough calories.  And for once, it is easy to maintain a topline, even in a career broodmare that has produced six foals.

On old feeding program.  Pretty girl, but lack of topline.  

And this past summer.  Both shots taken in summer coats.  Same amount of grooming in both.  Just different feed.


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