Saturday, March 22, 2014

SFM Adventure

If you are new and joining us, there is something to know about the Semi Feral Mare (SFM).  She is well, semi feral at times.  OK, she doesn't do anything too off the wall, but she isn't brave or well versed in many things besides eating, preferably eating large quantities of treats.

Trail riding isn't really her think either.  She spends most of the time worrying and figuring out if she will die.  Given my back issues, I don't always appreciate unintentional leaping. 

So, when a friend suggested that we venture out of the indoor arena to wander around the frozen tundra fields, I was a little uncertain.

She can be looky.

OK said the other person.

Cool, let's go.

Another friend decided to join us.  Awesome for me because we can do my favorite technique with chicken little horses and wedge them between horse one and horse three, so they don't nearly have the space to be worried or stupid.

We made it outside. 

And she was perfect.  We just walked since the snow was still fairly deep in some places, but it was good.  I daresay she may have enjoyed herself after a cold, bitter winter with seeing nothing but snow, ice, and the indoor arena for months on end.  She may have just volunteered herself into becoming a true trail pony.

The verdict is out on her true feelings about this suggestion.

After all, she is the Semi Feral Mare.


  1. Woohoo for successful re-start to her trail riding career, may you have many more success in the future :D


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