Friday, March 7, 2014

I'm Melting...

OK, so maybe I'm not melting.

But some of the snow did today which was absolutely wonderful.  It was approximately 40 degrees.  I thought it was an incredible heat wave.  

So despite the flu + bronchitis scenario, I had to trek out to the barn.  Regardless, the flu has subsided, so it's mostly a lack of breathing thing going on with the residual bronchitis.  OK then.

I went and grabbed the semi feral mare who had been enjoying a vacation of her own as well between cold weather, my vacation, and then my illness.  She seemed unimpressed when I saddled her.

You want me to do what?
But I was glad to see she was moving well and not stiff.  With so much cold weather and deep snow, I always worry about the older horses getting enough movement to not be stiff and sore.  I had put her Back On Track hock boots on before we went out and I think it made a difference.

She spent the first portion of our ride being her little semi feral self calling out.  She is in heat and is a bit of an insecure flirt and it didn't help that now there are multiple geldings dying for her affections.  At least she is an easy mare to breed, right?

So, I finally asked her to do something besides be a drama queen and we just worked on simple bends and counterbends.  Once she calmed down a bit (since it is apparently more difficult to call and figure out where to put your feet in a bend/counterbend), we moved into a working trot for a bit.

We didn't too too much of a trot, maybe five or six minutes since I realized that I was feeling a little light headed.  Hmm.  Probably should be off the horse.

Cleaned off the mare and put her back out.  Bonus points: she is shedding.

Grabbed the little red filly.  She is not shedding.  Very sad.  Let her frolic in the arena for a few minutes.  I wanted to take video of her moving out since she is fun to watch but instead I got photos like this:  

I did manage to hide from her up in the sawdust and get this one though.

But then she climbed up in the sawdust pile with me.  

End of the decent pictures.  

I also had the chance to ride my friend's eventing Appaloosa gelding.  He is very different than the SFM of course, but in a good way.  He can be heavier on the forehand and likes to root and pull, unlike the typical Arabian response which is to dive behind the vertical, although the SFM does occasionally get heavy when tired.

Lots of leg to keep him going and is certainly a horse that if you don't ride leg to hand, pops his nose out in a defiant way.  But always a good reminder though.  It gets easy to continue my negative habits on my horse and occasionally riding another horse makes it apparent how it manifests in different ways.

But it's all good.  I didn't last a long time on the gelding either.  Too much trot work and my poor out of shape thighs were jelly as there were no stirrups on the saddle (long story) and my lack of breath. 

But all in all, a great evening. 


  1. Replies
    1. LOL thanks. I love the face too. I see a little too much of though when I try and take pictures. She is into selfies.

  2. What.. she's not shedding yet, mines been shedding for weeks!

    1. Lots of them are shedding, just not the little one! What the heck. I am hoping she doesn't know something I don't know..


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