Friday, March 21, 2014

The Filly Gets A Job

The semi feral filly usually lives an easy life.  She may tell you differently since she is the one that is usually drug to shows to stand around and do nothing, but still, easy enough.

The poor little filly had to grow up a little today.

I had previously sat on her a couple of times, along with leading a friend/being lead by said friend in the past. 

However, she has sat around most of the winter since she needed dental work done ie having her wolf teeth removed and it was subzero and it's just not fun to deal with young horses when everything is freezing including penguins.

But today was a much nicer today and even the penguins of the world would think it was very suitable indeed.

So the little filly had her introduction to real life.  I was the one on the ground, not in the saddle.  ;)

She has had extensive groundwork and has been driven in hand.  I think it shows.  She was comfortably moving off leg laterally and this was one of the first times she was bitted as I have used a lunging cavesson for all of her driving/lunging work until this.

Pretty pleased.  The rider asked her for a bit of trot as well and said it was pretty smooth.  She was quiet and relaxed about it and came down to her walk as soon as the rider said easy.  Can't be much more pleased than that.

So once I figure out how to embed the video I will go from there...but here is one I tried to do from the phone. 

I need to learn how other bloggers do their videos.  Any insight?  :)

ETA--I may have achieved success.  How about them apples.

The Mare had to work too.  So terribly difficult too.  She was actually sweating.  Poor horse.  :(  I made up for it with a half dozen mini candy canes though.  We'll see if the mare wants to talk to me tomorrow. 


  1. For videos, I just upload to youtube and click the little "add video" icon in blogger, and then select the "upload from my youtube" section. I don't know how to do it any other way. I'm a computer retard.

  2. Yay for the filly! Youtube is what I use, too.Super easy.

  3. Another youtuber here, have tried uploadingthem through blogger before, but more often than not it took ages to load and just when I thought it would show something it would suddenly decided it couldn't do it and "computer says no"

    I cannot believe she is old enough for under saddle work, i still remember the first baby pictures! Where has the time gone?!

  4. So apparently youtube is the way to go. I was just finding it difficult to upload directly from the phone since I typically just take the phone with me to the barn and not the camera. :)


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