Thursday, February 20, 2014

Another Tail of a Tale

Sorry!  Life has been crazy to sit down and write from time to time.

But I went out late last night to go visit and hang out with the horses.  Number one:  I was very surprised to find three other people in the barn after 10pm at night.  Who knew?  I thought I was the only crazy weirdo going out that late during winter...

Number two: horses still have all eyes, ears, and legs intact.  Major plus.

Number three: I have had a long, cranky week filled with an excessive amount of stress.  It's amazing how just bringing the horses in, checking them over, brushing them down, and hanging out reduced my blood pressure and made me happy.

I went ahead and let them loose in the indoor.  They always seem happy in this mess and slop to take advantage of the dry footing. 

The filly and I played some of our "games".  OK, so I don't really know what to call them, but I always enjoy free lunging horses while they are loose.  Not really all that unusual. 

I also have a thing where I run across the arena and wait for her to come and find me.  It usually takes only a moment or two. 

We practice lining up at the mounting block loose.  Wait filly, until that actually serves a purpose...

We stand up at halter loose. 

I found the flag/carrot stick type whip and had her come up and touch it.  She touched=positive reinforcement with a treat. Works for me.  I'd rather have her not be scared to death of that plastic.

I decided to take her tail down and condition and put it back up.  In typical crazy Arabian owner fashion, I have been trying to grow the filly's tail this winter.  She is not yet three, so it was decent length for a young horse, but not very long yet.  I put it up this fall and it's been slowly growing.  I think it's been probably a month to a month and a half since it was pulled down.

Last night

Last Spring.  Don't you love the wet rat look?

Hopefully tomorrow will be an awesome day off of work and I can have a chance to go out and ride. 

How about you guys?  Anyone else put tails up out there?  Talk about the lone holdout on most of these horse blogs I think.... :) 


  1. Love C, I can never get over how big she is after getting - I still remember you announcing her birth & her fuzzy foal pics!
    I too cannot wait for this week to be over, although sadly next week isn't looking like being much better *sad-times*
    Here's hoping I too can get some much needed saddle time this evening! :)

  2. I put Shy's tail up in the winter! So much easier that having to deal with ice balls and mud. I took hers down the other day and it comes past the ground now :) Even though I know I will have to cut it a bit so she doesn't pull it out when she backs, I still like to see how long I can get it. If only her mane and forelock would grow. . .

    The filly has a lot of tail growth!!

  3. The wet rat look is tres chic :) and I like playing with them when they are loose too, shhh don't tel my trainer!


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