Friday, March 14, 2014

Blog Hop: What's In A Name?

Another fun blog home from L of Viva Carlos

What is the story behind your blogname/url?

I will admit it.  I can be be an odd duck.  I didn't have formal riding lessons or a structured equestrian education as a child.  I grew up riding camp horses and just riding whatever I could find, which was good for being foolhardy and brave.  I galloped horses, did dumb things, and rode more hours than I could count.  

Accordingly so, I watched whatever clinics I could, read a lot, and generally tried out new techniques on the often interesting horses donated into the riding program.  Some horses were just sour, others very green, and so forth.  When my family purchased Star, it was a stepping stone in my education as I found myself the proud owner of a very intelligent, sensitive Arabian mare. 

So I went ahead and continued doing things my way.  I am also a rather independent, quirky person.  I think it was in college when a roommate said I was semi feral.  Not really antisocial, just not always conforming to people's preconceptions of what I should be doing.

Then cue the Semi Feral mare.  I acquired her while I was an undergraduate in college and she is also a quirky gal.  Very sensitive and responsive, but yet, I never know which horse I will get.  Too much time off and she can look a bit like a wild tundra horse of the north.

But I love her anyway.

So together, we are the semi feral pair.  Doing things in the way I can and slowly finding my path along the way.

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