Monday, February 16, 2015

Arabian Archives: Khemosabi

Khemosabi is another Arabian that the average person seems to know and recognize in a pedigree.  Rising from humble beginners, from a backyard in Whitter, California, he achieved national championships in halter and western pleasure and ended up being syndicated.  He sired over 1200 foals.

People often ask what "type" of Arabian is Khemosabi, referencing if he is Polish, Russian, or what have you.  I'd classify Khemosabi as an "American" Arabian as he blended a variety of bloodlines, stamping his get with his own unique look and style.  He had lines to Polish, Crabbet, and several crosses to the wonderful Babson stallion *Fadl.

Khemosabi endured years of wonderful publicity thanks to his breeders, but I think he is an enduring force in the breed because he sired his own unique look.  Part of this, I believe is his high whites and blaze.  White for many years (and to a certain extent now) was taboo in Arabians and sometimes thought as a sign of impurity.  Personally, I think it's a bunch of hogwash as the Crabbet imports certainly had a lot of white.

But Khemosabi somehow seemed to gloss over the fact that white was not "in".  His offspring had white and were generally, good minded, good moving individuals.  He sired offspring in plenty of divisions, but certainly in the western arena including western pleasure and cutting.  

Khartoon Khlassic, a sabino son of Khemosabi
Kakhem Sahib, national champion cutting

Khemander Khody, stallion earning more than $47,000 in cutting
Khemosabi lived a long life and died at the age of 34.  He left a permanent mark on the Arabian breed and in many ways, I think he was a champion of how a backyard horse could rise to stardom. 

He had his pros and cons in the breeding shed of course.  But his offspring have proven quite versatile and for a good temperament and work ethic, many people will attest that the Khemosabi bred Arabian is certainly an "in your tent" personality.

Breyer even immortalized this champion.

Any thoughts on Khemosabi?  Questions?  Have you ridden or owned a Khemosabi bred Arabian?


  1. I am incredibly ignorant when it comes to Arabian lineage, but that is a stunning horse and his saving son is swoon-worthy ♡♡♡

  2. One of the few Arabian names I know!

  3. My gelding Bombay is a Khemosabi grandson, sired by Khutty Sark. Gabbrielle is a Khemosabi great grand daughter. They are both gray. They both have/had that straight top line. Bombay is getting old enough now at 18 to start developing a little dip in his back. Gabbrielle is a pocket pony. She insists on being kissed every morning. Both are willing students. Both like to play. My biggest issue with both of them is that no amount of exposure and training gets them past their general nervousness and spooking.

  4. I've heard of Khemosabi and admired his gorgeousness but I didn't know much about his history. That is so cool how he came from a humble backyard beginning to a champion. Thanks for sharing that with us!! He definitely sounds like he was a great horse!

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