Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The Beginning

As requested from a reader, let's go back.

Way back.  OK, she's only three years old, so there isn't that much to tell. ;) 

Since I bred the SFF, let's share a little bit more about her past & beginnings.

This is the SFF's sire.  He is a national champion in native costume and has other titles in english pleasure, sport horse in hand, and halter.  His national championship was won with a junior rider.

Dang crazy Arab stallions being ridden by kids.  

I chose him because he was athletic, strongly built, and kind, among other things of course.  His pedigree is filled with strong athletes top and bottom.

Pregnant SFM

The SFM has been a broodmare in the past.  She has had five other foals, other than the SFF, including one gelding that has (I believe!) 10 national titles right now.  He is a pretty cool show horse.  I didn't breed him, of course, but I knew the potential was there.  :)

After a long period of waiting (ok, not so long), the SFF made her appearance after 329 days on Mother's Day at a reasonable hour in the morning with most of the farm there present at her birth.  Apparently she wasn't a shy mare that day.

Stay tuned for more "growing up filly" ;) 


  1. Awwwwww!!!!! So cute!!!!! I love that you were there for the whole process of picking out the stallion, breeding SFM, foaling SFF, so special! I wish I could have been there for all of the with Chrome. :)


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