Monday, July 7, 2014

Our Secret

Don't tell.

There may be something horse related in the dishwasher...

It's a washer right? 

And it cleans things, right?


In other news, the SFM failed her first attempt in the grazing muzzle.  She stood around all dejected, rubbing and whacking the muzzle on the other Arabian gelding in her pasture (who is muzzled).  What happened to monkey see, monkey do?


  1. Awww! Shy ran around trying everything in her power to get her muzzle off when I first put it on her. Now she just does a half hearted attempt then gets to trying to eat through it.

  2. ROFLOL!!!!!!!! I won't tell your secret! Also the whacking the muzzle on the gelding had me laughing my butt off!! Silly SFM! I had a horse who had to wear a muzzle and I taught her to eat by stuffing stuff through the holes until she figured it out. :)


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