Friday, July 4, 2014

More Horsin' Around

Not sure if the video will work.  Sorry if it's choppy or doesn't.  Let me know. 

Look!  It's a holiday and I'm not working.  I'm so incredibly shocked.  I missed out on the holiday pay for sure (which is approximately triple time).  Lots of things aren't the top of the list about my job, but holiday pay isn't a negative.

Moving on...

I went ahead and went out with the hopes of riding both the Semi Feral Mare and the Semi Feral Filly.

The filly was a little more distracted than yesterday, so I'll admit I chickened out and had someone hold her while I got on.  She was head tossing and being a little too fidgety so I would rather have someone be there for the first five seconds of a ride and make sure I didn't promptly get launched.

The filly has never done anything wrong, but ya never know...

Went ahead and rode her a bit.  She was overall quite good.  Worked a bit on moving off of my leg.  She is slowly working through her brain that leg doesn't always mean go forward (or canter!  I can canter!  Wee!) and that picking up the reins and sponging them doesn't mean stop dead so rapidly that I could get ejected. 

I think the horse really wants to be a reiner.  Look, she just likes loping and stopping.  Works, right?

Anyway, she was quite good to the left, but on the right, she seemed a bit fussy in her face.  When I dismounted and was prodded at her, she fought a bit and flew backwards, so I time to examine and see if she has a loose cap or something dental going on.  Or knowing her and how she isn't incredibly bright, she probably tried to eat the thistle growing in her dry lot.

Gave her a bit of bute for the evening and we will see how she is tomorrow.

I went ahead and grabbed the SFM.  I had intended on riding her in the dressage saddle today, but a couple of other folks at the barn invited me to go out on a trail ride around the property, so who am I to turn down that invitation?

The SFM was really quite good.  A little chompy and forward and was a little unsettled when they were dragging a hay wagon off the field, but overall, good behavior from the mare.

So, I'd consider that a win in my book.  It was nice to enjoy and relax a bit on a holiday.  Doesn't happen often!

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  1. Definitely a win!! How old is SFF? Three? She may need her teeth done. I read somewhere that young horses could need dental work every six months instead of once a year. I got lucky with Chrome and he only needed his done once a year, but you never know. I hope she's okay. Happy Fourth of July!! I'm glad you got to have a holiday off for a change. :)


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