Sunday, July 13, 2014

SFF Survives the Great Outdoors

I rode the SFF again this past Saturday.  She was good, except she wanted to stop and balk a bit at a window by the end.  I am not sure what preempted this, but when the filly's other rider was out last week, one of the young suckling colts escaped and ran into the arena from that end, so who knows...maybe she is looking for more trouble!  She did handle the loose colt well though.  I always hate having (or being around) the horses that lose a marble or two when a horse gets loose at a show or trail ride or field or what have you.

The filly did go out on her first trail ride a few days ago with her other rider.  Most of the gals at the barn are good eggs, but what her Rider didn't realize was that one is a little different at times.  Baby's first time out, everyone knew that and this gal decided to take off at a full out gallop.

Good grief. 

At least the filly was just a little surprised and didn't do anything stupid, but I know more than one horse that would have face planted a rider for that one.

So good girl little filly. 

She is very soft in the bridle and we worked a bit on a bit more lateral control.  Baby brain sometimes takes a while to equate that leg does occasionally mean other things than go faster, but she is getting it. 

It is interesting to note that she is getting more steady and dependable in the bridle at the walk and trot, how she has begun to carry herself on the lunge in just a halter has changed as well.  She now will seek and begin carrying herself longer and lower and just a bit in front of the vertical instead of inverting like I commonly see with Arabians in general. 

So what goofy things have your trail partners done? 

Suggestions on more to teach the little SFF?  :)  

Anyone else noticed a postural change in their horse after working them in the bridle and having them learn to seek and take contact?

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  1. I haven't noticed any postural changes, but we haven't started to work on contact yet and I can't longe him because of his stifles so I'm not really qualified to answer that question hehe. I hope nobody pulls something like that on a trail ride with Chrome. He's a good horse, but he is weird about other horses... sometimes I wish he had grown up in a boarding situation. :)


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