Thursday, July 3, 2014

Flying High

After a hiatus from riding due to the bad weather (read: tornadoes on an almost daily basis for a while), I went out to ride today.

I decided to go ahead and ride the SFF.  A friend has been riding her since I'll be honest: I guard my back and am worried that if she does something stupid, I will be very crippled more than the partially crippled I am now.

But sometimes you pull up your trousers and go.

So went ahead and saddled her up and got on.  There were several other horses in the arena including one person ground driving her horse with one of those flags.  I wasn't sure how the SFF was going to react to the flagging since it is something I've never exposed her too.

I also didn't know what she would think of carrying my heavier weight rather than her peanut sized regular jockey.  ;)

But she was a trooper.  I went ahead and rode walk, trot, and canter.  She is so unbelievably soft in the bridle that it's a little confusing to me.  She has to learn obviously more about being an adult horse, but she is coming along so nicely.

Wow, so nice to have a horse that is a clean slate.  I've always had projects or other types of horses, so to find one that (so far!) is kind and sweet and willing just seems so surprising.

PS Also rode the SFM after a month off.  She was all things considered, well behaved too given the massive chaos in the arena.  She isn't a fan of change, but she handled everything quite well overall.

A+ to both ponies and a good feeling to end the night on.

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  1. Yay!!! Best way to end the night! I'm glad both girls were so good. :D


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