Sunday, July 6, 2014

Blog Hop: Interested Parties

What made you interested in your current horse that lead you to buying them in the first place?

How I acquired the SFM is a bit of a story.

I first saw a photo of the SFM after my friend's half Arabian mare died.  I was on a regional equestrian forum, along with my friend and of course, other people.  A sweet person on there offered the friend the SFM if she would be interested in replacing her Arabian.

Friend said no, but decided to forward the picture to me because I am a big fan of Arabians, especially cute grey ones. 

Fast forward a year and I found out I couldn't lease the horse that I wanted to lease, so I had to look for a horse locally for my senior year of undergrad.  I thought of that cute grey mare and dropped a line and voila...

November 2008

But remember, I was only leasing her.  I didn't know where I was going to end up at that point and time, but when I decided to stay in state, things came together and the SFM was gifted to me.

August 2013
So I suppose what really drew me in besides the fact she was a grey Arabian was that I thought her pedigree was interesting, she was available for lease, and it was a horse close enough. ;) 

Sometimes I was not all that discriminating and sound + four legs + not completely suicidal was enough to make me happy.   ;)

As for the SFF....I didn't buy her, I bred her and it probably would have been a whole lot cheaper (but not as satisfying I imagine!) to have purchased a been there, done that broke horse from how much money it cost to put her on the ground.

Ah well.  That's life with horses.


  1. Hehe yeah that's usually true with breeding your own baby, but they sure are fun!! I love the story of how you got SFM! Best gift ever huh? :D

    1. Hehehe, my husband would probably disagree. SFM has been very expensive in the long run so far! Lots of vet bills.

      But she gave me such an adorable little SFF so all is forgiven. ;)

    2. Lol yeah I could see how he might disagree, but that's just the gamble with horses I guess. I'm glad you got such a great filly out of her. I wish you had been blogging back when she was born so I could go back and read about it. Oh well. Do you have baby pictures?


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