Saturday, July 5, 2014

SFF Goes Out to the Jump Field

Another day, another ride for the SFF.

A couple of friends were riding in the outdoor jump field today, so I decided to take her down to hang out and wander around outside in that arena. 

Before they made it down there, I went ahead and lunged her and she willingly walked over the jump poles and between the standards.  Always a plus.  ;)

Went ahead and got on her.  Not too many issues, despite a lot of distractions.

The empty hay wagons rattling in off the fields were slightly unnerving to her, but they were as well to the adult horses, so with time and exposure I think she will be a pro.

We had a kindly older gelding that helped us walk past some of the scarier cross country jumps like the sunken, painted barrels, and the tire jump.  She didn't mind all the cross rails and typical blue barrels.

Worked a bit weaving around the jumps and walking in some of the tighter spaces.  Watched a friend jump her horse, so it was good patience for her to get used to another very large horse cantering around and jumping (and occasionally knocking things down).

Good job SFF.  I'd say the exercise in the jump field was a success.

Do the easy things often enough until the horse builds up confidence and while it was a simple and bit "boring" type of day, it's the perfect day to hang out with a sweet, willing young horse.  :)


  1. Awesome!! I totally agree with your last statement hehe. I'm glad she did well. I'm guessing her mouth felt better today?

  2. What a good girl! I completely agree with you about doing the easy things often to build confidence.

  3. Yeah, she wasn't nearly as fussy. I had a vet tech friend help me examine her mouth and there wasn't anything obvious going on. She had dental work/floating done this past winter, so given her usual klutzy style, I'm guessing she just did something goofy.

    1. Glad it hear it! Maybe she smacked her mouth on something. I'm glad it's not a tooth problem. :D


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