Monday, July 14, 2014

More Muzzle Failure

We tried again with the grazing muzzle and the SFM since she looks approximately 280 days in foal now.  She is pretty wide, despite only being out on grass for part of the day.

Today, she just stood there and didn't make an effort for several hours.  The barn manager did eventually take it off, since I'd like to make sure she actually does drink and eat something between turnout and turn-in.  

Oh mare.  Such problems.

I have also come to the conclusion that I should probably ride the SFM more in her dressage saddle, which as the widest tree.  She is so fat right now that she is more uncomfortable in her western saddle.  Normally, someone watching might think she was just rushing or trying to break into the canter as to be naughty, but I think she was just more uncomfortable.

So I suppose, back to carrying breeches and boots in my car for a quick work change before riding.  But jeans are just so convenient, LOL. 

I also rode the SFF. The filly was good, albeit lazy.  A couple small goals include working on getting the idea of bends (corners, what corners?), introducing basic lateral work, and that gaits can have more than one speed/introducing the basic idea of the half halt.

The filly has good brakes, so when the reins are picked up a little bit more just to add a bit of pressure, she stops.  Hard.  Add leg and you can see that she is pondering a bit of what the heck that was.  But she is a good filly and is coming along pretty quickly. 

She is such a sweet filly that sometimes it's hard to try not to rush things, but I suppose we have forever to get these "simple" basics right.  

Derp a derp derpy. 

Love my girls.  Good rides.  :)  

Wish the SFM good luck tomorrow.  Let's see if she finally gets this muzzle thing. 


  1. Maybe side reins on the longe would help SFF figure out contact? I've always wondered how horses figured out the difference when we are telling them two contradicting things LOL!!! She's smart though so she'll figure it out.

    With the muzzle on SFM have you tried poking grass through the muzzle so she knows she can eat with it on? That's what worked for me, but the designs are all different and horses are so different so there's no telling what will work for one and not the other. I hope she figures it out!

    1. The SFF has had side reins on the lunge.

      Maybe I should rephrase the step at which we are at. In the half halt, with gently closing a bit of pressure on the rein and stiffening my seat, the filly thinks WHOA instead of WHAT?

      But I think maybe backing up to just introducing a bit of stiffer seat to get her asking the question of What? will reinforce this is a different concept to her.

      As for the SFM, yeah, did the poking the grass through the bottom for quite some time.

      The barn manager tried putting it on her again today and seems that maybe she is figuring it will have to go out and check it out. Maybe she is just a slow learner, LOL.

    2. Hmmm... with the half halt I always heard (but never done it myself) that you should let them stop and then immediately ask them to walk or trot again. Eventually they learn to pause and rock back instead of coming to a complete halt... maybe that would help? I'm just guessing hehe.

      Yay I'm glad SFM is figuring it out! Maybe she just isn't hungry enough yet hehe. Or maybe it's because she knows you'll give up and take it off. You know how sneaky and patient mares can be when they want their own way. :D


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