Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Well Rounded Horses

OK, maybe well rounded in a few ways.

One, well rounded in the fact that the semi feral mare is quite round.

But two, both mare and filly had their feet done today.  They were both excellent girls, standing quietly.

The regular farrier had surgery, so we had a stand in, who ended up being a fun little old Irish guy.  He did an excellent job, but I hope the original gal will be back out soon.  I'm pretty sure my husband will die if I show him what two trims cost today.  Holy cats. 

What's typical for trims/shoes/ and so forth in your neck of the woods?

I rode the semi feral mare the other night.  She was a little spunky and it took a little convincing that she could walk over the ground poles that were sitting out in the arena.

Ground poles.

Seriously horse. 

You've seen them 1,570,170 times before.

OK, maybe I exaggerate.  Maybe just like 50 times. 

If it was a carrot, you would have ran over there to eat it.

But onwards and upwards.  At least we will be on our best looking feet to do it.


  1. A trim runs $35 here in NE PA, front shoes around $90, and a full set about $125....unless you're my douche of an old farrier and charge me exclusively $200 for a full set because of the extra time it takes you stand there and stare at my horse's feet and tell me how bad they are.

    /bitter rant. ;)

  2. A trim here is $35 and I have no idea about shoes.


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