Sunday, February 16, 2014

Happy (Belated) Valentine's Day

Dear Semi Ferals,

I loved you so much this Valentine's Day, I went ahead and ordered myself another vet bill.

Good thing, it was just a clogged tear duct on the filly.  You are such a wobbly drunk.  When you couldn't even pick your head up off the wall, I really did have to laugh.  A pair of Coggins on both the filly and mare and we are good to go.  Can I please pay all my bills off now?  Please don't sustain any injuries in 2014. 


Your Semi Feral (and quite horse poor) Rider


Things are going well here.  Had a nice shopping extravaganza yesterday.  Brought home more tack than I can use from the adventure, so I suppose it's time to move other tack out.  So if anyone is looking for Pessoa snaffle bits (and one rubber Pessoa pelham), cob sized Red Barn standing martingales, pony sized Red Barn hunter bridle, size 32 show shirts, some show breeches (32 and 34 I think), some magnetic wraps, and that's just the start...just let me know.  All of the stuff in the above list is new.  Don't ask me why I have so much tack. 


  1. Hope the lovely little C feels better soon & happy tack sharing *ahem* I mean selling of course ;-)

  2. Hope the filly feels better soon and Happy Belated V Day to you too!


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