Sunday, February 2, 2014

Most Valuable Horse

Most Valuable Horse: Thunder

AKA the only reason I would ever watch American football if I had cable.

Meet Thunder

Or more accurately, Thunder III, registered as Me N MyShadow.  He is the Arabian horse mascot for the Denver Broncos.

Perhaps running comes easily for him!

His sire is Monarch AH.  

Looks like a pretty ordinary Arabian, but he was an incredible athlete, winning more than 14 stakes races.  His progeny has amassed more than five million dollars on the track.  Given the smaller size of Arabian horse purses, this is quite the feat.  

His dam was by this handsome, athletic stallion named Gondolier, who produced magnificent working and racing Arabians.  He was also named a World Champion Stallion at the Salon Du Cheval (a major horse show) in France.  

There have been two other Thunders so far.  Both were also purebred Arabians.

So win or lose, Thunder is my pick for Most Valuable Horse at the Super Bowl.  Bred to be an athlete, I certainly have enjoyed the footage of him taking charge across the field. 

Edited to add:
A question from L. Williams of Viva Carlos on why they use an Arabian for the Denver Broncos' Mascot?

They originally wanted a horse to celebrate the win over the San Diego Chargers.  They contacted Sharon Magness Blake who provided the original "Thunder", a horse named JB Kobask.  She kept a large herd of Arabians with up to 900 at one point, so naturally the horse she provided was an Arabian.

Thunder II & Thunder III have also been Arabians provided by Ms Blake.


  1. Thunder isn't much of a bronco but he sure is a lovely horse :)

  2. Lovely!
    I was lucky enough to get to go to last year's Salon du Cheval in Paris. It was great! I hope to get back this year if I can

  3. He looked like he wanted to be a little bit of a bronco running out of the tunnel last night!

  4. Replies
    1. The Denver Broncos asked Sharon Magness Blake if she had a horse to use to celebrate a win over the San Diego Chargers.

      She did and having been a major breeder and aficionado of Arabians, she provided JB Kobask, the original Thunder.

      Thunder II & Thunder III have also been provided by her. :)


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