Friday, February 7, 2014


It's another cold day in the frozen tundra.

Surprising, right?

I'm pretty sure it's winter nine months out of the year. 

Regardless, I trekked out to the barn.  There was a lesson with a young shareboarder going on in the indoor, so I went ahead and brought out the semi feral mare with intentions of lunging her to see what the mare thought today.

She was pretty lazy and listening well, so I went ahead and saddled her, confident that there would be minimal disruption to the young juvenile equestrian in the arena.  I would hate to be that person, interrupting a juvenile's chance to learn.  ;)

So we did our usual pony-go-round, with a few less circles and leg yields, since it's quite a bit more work avoiding other people.  ;)  

Another boarder came into the barn, accompanied with two compatriots.  The three are veterinary students. 

I have always enjoyed introducing people to horses and teaching people the basics about horses.  Probably from the years of doing the summer camp thing.  So, it was a pleasure introducing willing adults to horses.  

Both students enjoyed a ride on the mare.  She was quite good and on the lazy side.  One student had horse experience, but just from the summer camp side of things with trail string horses.  She was thrilled when she discovered that the seat could control the horse and a little bit of leg could have the horse move laterally towards the wall.  Magic buttons!

I remember that same exhilaration about seeing "more" beyond just gaits, stop, and go and trail riding. 

The non-equine experienced student had the joy of learning how to brush a horse, pick feet, and put on a halter.  The mare was quite patient and cooperative.

How is it that she was so easy going and gentle about someone taking a few minutes to figure out how to even pick up the halter when I get the evil eye if I am fumbling around in my heavy gloves longer than approximately .5 seconds. 

Maybe this mare of mine is more of an educator than I know.

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