Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Of Being A Disabled Equestrian Part II

Recently, I announced that I am a disabled equestrian.

I just wanted to follow up with some research I've recently done.  I know that I need to start to get my ducks in a row if I'd like to continue to show!

USEF requires a Dispensation Certificate.

Oops.  Something else seems wrong with this picture.  Can I get a dispensation for this too?

It specifically asks what the disability is, what's the medical diagnosis, what adaptive aids are needed and so forth.  Absolutely zero adaptive aids besides what is approved & listed on the sheet can be permitted in the ring.

A copy of the certificate must accompany all entries when sent in.

So, now that I've found the right certificate, all that's left would be to find equipment that would work!

Off to try and see what might work as a microphone/head set combination.  Better yet, finding a little ear piece that can communicate with a microphone and fit under the helmet comfortably.  

Any suggestions?  :) 


  1. No suggestions, but best of luck!

  2. Is a bluetooth headset a option? You might not be able to speak back due to wind noise, but someone could just call you on it from their cell phone to talk to you at least. It would be easy for any ride management/volunteer to just have your number and call you, rather then playing with a system they don't know. They make some tiny ones that cold easily fit under your helmet. Your cell phone could be hidden in a pocket (or if you have a good range bluetooth could even be held at the side of the ring). You would just need one that clips around your ear well so it doesn't fall off, ad has the volume you need. You could also try the headphones that have a speaker in the cord, might be able to wind it around helmet straps to keep it put well (on one or both sides), and tuck the cord down your shirt so it wouldn't show much. But again, you would need to use your cell phone as a medium. The headphones plug right in so you would have to carry it on you. But that style of speaker usually handles the wind noise better so you could speak back. And you would have the option of using both sides if that is better for you. The only problem would be you would be at the mercy of having cell service. Unless you could find a headset that will fit into a walkie talkie, but you couldn't hit the button to speak....

    Good luck! There is so much technology these days, there has to be something! Price range might be the only thing that holds you back. I remember my mom taught a kid, several years ago, that had a headset for him and a microphone "necklace" (bendable to adjust, sat around her neck) for her. But it was fairly large and set up in her classroom. There was a whole system so it was all wireless, with a box up in a high corner to recive and broadcast it out. I don't know about delay, which could be a problem for you if you are having someone call the test for you.

    1. Becky, I thought about that but my worry is relying on anything with cellular service will be tricky. Too many of the show grounds and heaven forbid--arenas have little/no cell reception at all. :(


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