Saturday, November 1, 2014

Out of the Darkness

Life is busy, but that's how it goes.

Survived the internship, so that's good.  There was a minor car accident, a compromised bank account, and some fun hospital internship drama, but that's in the past, so onwards and upwards.

I had the chance last week to take the little filly on a short trail ride.  It was dusk, but beautiful weather in the high 60s at the time. 

The filly was perfect.  Happy to lead or follow.  Another mare got a little bit antsy and squirrely, so I helped out by sort of body blocking her a bit to quiet her jigging down.

It was pretty much just dark when I got back up to the barn.  Good thing she doesn't mind the flash on my cell phone.

Onwards and upwards, one good ride at a time.  Horses are good for the soul.


  1. Yay SFF being awesome, she is such a cool girl.
    Sorry to hear about car/internship troubles. I hope all is well & as you say; onwards and upwards. *hugs*

  2. Yay what a good girl! I rode Chrome in the dark recently too. With the shorter days it might be happening more often lol. I'm glad she was such a good girl and I'm glad you survived your internship. I hope the car accident was mild and didn't cause too much damage and I hope the compromised bank account was caught before your money was stolen! That seems to be happening a lot lately.... banks need to get their act together. I hope things settle down and you get to ride more. :)


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