Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The Arabian Archives: *Bask

While I am certainly not an expert, I do love the Arabian horse and sharing information about them.

So with this, I thought I would start a new subsection of "Arabian Archives" talking about influential Arabians, whether in the show ring, the breeding shed, or both.

It does seem appropriate to introduce *Bask as the first horse in these archives.  The asterisk associated with *Bask's name denotes that he was imported from another country into the United States.

*Bask [Witraz x Balalajka]

Foaled Feb. 9th, 1956

Why is *Bask such a well known name?  It seems even people not very familiar with Arabians have heard of this stallion?  

He was imported from Poland to the US by one of the most well known farms in the industry: Lasma Arabians.  He was well promoted and proved himself to be an incredible show horse, winning national championships in halter and park, as well as titles in formal driving. 

But why is this stallion so well known today?  Many horses are champions, yet as the years pass are forgotten.

*Bask was heavily promoted by Lasma and subsequently was bred to some fantastic mares, both of American (and Crabbet) ancestry, as well as imported Polish Arabian mares. 

In my opinion, his offspring began to have a certain look.  Many were quite successful in the show ring.  In the breeding shed, *Bask fever took over.  Before the advent of shipped semen, breeding to a young up and coming son of *Bask was a good bet.

*Bask sired 196 National Champions.  An incredible number and not counting his offspring that were national producers.

His bloodlines can be found in every aspect of the breed.  High stepping English horses, reining horses, western horses, and halter horses can all be found with *Bask bloodlines.

In fact, both the Semi Feral Mare and the Semi Feral Filly trace to *Bask.  The mare has three lines and the filly has four.  

This handsome chestnut stallion is a son of *Bask named Zodiac Matador.  He is the filly's grandsire.

This is *Gdansk, another *Bask son.  The mare is a granddaughter of this handsome park horse.

So here is a very brief overview of one of most influential stallions in the Arabian breed.  Any specific questions about Arabians you would like to see answered?


  1. Those two final pictures are dead ringers for your girls - they sure have been stamped by greatness ☺

  2. All of my Arabians have Bask in their pedigrees. Lostine has him on both sides.

  3. I love this new series and look forward to learning more about Arabian history.

  4. Wonderful, please keep doing posts like this! There is no other breed in the world for me.


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