Friday, November 21, 2014

Saving Cents

Horses are expensive.

Just ask my husband.

But as it is heading into winter, in many parts of my area, we are deworming as the frost hits for tapeworms.

I use Equimax in the fall.  There have been oral irritation and ulcers associated with Zimecterin Gold, so that isn't my cup of tea.

If anyone else out there is into saving a couple cents at a time with horses, then feel free to look at these rebates below.

If you are into Zimecterin Gold, here is a rebate for them, but it requires a minimum of 6 tubes, so find some friends.
Zimecterin Gold

I'll try and share more savings with you as I find them.  :) 

Feel free to share any that you find as well and I'll try and share them regularly.


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