Saturday, November 8, 2014

Through the Meadows

Of course, horses are good for the soul. 

We know this.  But sometimes, it's imperative to experience this.

Ridiculously cute barn cat napping on hay in the stalls
Friday was my day off from major obligations.  No work, no class.  I had two exams Saturday, so I had that looming, but no actual deadlines to be in one place or another. 

A friend is working to place some horses that a boarder can no longer afford.  I am a horse enabler so I was meeting up with another gal I know to see if she might be interested in one.

When this was done, the clouds had parted, the sun peaked through.  The drab Midwestern weather had seemed to lift for just a moment.

I was at a facility where Alex, the amazing Arabian had landed.  I seized the moment.  Let's ride!
Another person saddled up with me and we headed into the arena briefly to warm our old mounts up.  Alex is 25 although from his sassy, cheeky behavior, he resembles more of a five year old gelding.  Cass, an twenty year old Paint, also seemed particularly full of P&V. 

We headed out, the horse's heads tossing with enthusiasm. 

With each footstep, I felt a bit of happiness and peace returning.  Carrying so much anxiety and stress causes me to shut down and compartmentalize things, but this didn't matter at that moment.  Just the breeze in the trees, the sweet smell of autumn, and two joyous horses.

We picked up a gentle trot.  I collected Alex up and he quietly obliged, a season veteran.  His trot was jarring, but I have ridden him hundreds of times.  No major deal today to sit and hang out with an old friend once more. 

I looked back and Cass and his rider.  A canter?  Yes please.  Such power as they moved forward out into the cut hayfield.  The sweet smell of grass and smooth footing as the horses continued onwards.

How could someone not find joy in this?  Muscles rippling underneath the saddle, a responsive horse, beautiful weather, a good companion.

Thank you dear Alex for bringing my safely through the meadows and once again, back on a path of happiness. 


  1. Yay Alex, what a legend. Love that feeling of peace on trails. ☺

    1. Trails are great. Even better with an old friend like Alex.

  2. Sometimes a ride like that is all you need. Sounds like a good way to celebrate a break to me.

    1. I would agree Madeline. Sometimes simple things can help us jumpstart back forwards.

  3. Horses are good for the soul! I'm glad you had such a wonderful ride. It's definitely a perfect stress reliever. :)

    1. It's a cliche that horses are good therapy, but indeed, I think it's true.


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