Saturday, November 22, 2014

Freebie Tonight

Some people have experience with commercially marketed pheromones like Feliway.

ConfidenceEQ is a new equine related pheromone that's now on the market.  Pheromones are chemicals secreted and can be received externally.

The advertising spiel is that ConfidenceEQ is using the soothing pheromones that a dam secretes to her foal.

It's to be applied 30 minutes before a stressful situation.

In the life of a semi feral mare, most situations are at least semi stressful.

So, if you're curious like I am, head over to sign up for a free sample.

I'm curious for others input on how it works for them.  I'll update after I find the perfect situation in which to try it.  :) 

But for free, it may be worth a shot for horses that do get a bit anxious in particular situations. 


  1. Hmm I might have to try this. I'm looking forward to seeing your results.

  2. I just recently heard about Feliway for cats! Interested to hear what you think :)


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