Monday, October 13, 2014

Everyone's Smiling

Last week Friday, I had the vet out to do a dental on the filly.  I was a bit concerned as she had a few issues with just seeming "off" and a bit uncomfortable.

Turns out she had a loose cap that was just stuck enough to not leave her mouth, but was obviously bothering and irritating her for quite some time based on the wear pattern that was occurring in her mouth.

So cap was removed, a quick peek through to lightly balance the rest of the mouth and the filly was on her way.

Still a little hazy...whoa man, what happened?

Saturday, I had my final exam.  It went fine.  Wasn't spectacular, but wasn't terrible either, so there you go.  I think my overall marks in the class are still about 91% more or less, so I'll take it. 

I was called into work on Saturday.  Thursday & Friday had some issues (ie the days were longer than 14 hours!), so I went in Saturday for about five hours to do some damage control.  I suppose more money to pay for the horses and school, right?

Today was my first day off from my real job to go play in the hospital, drawing blood.  I am not an easy draw, so I get pretty anxious drawing other people.  I suppose I associate my pain with drawing onto other people. 

But, I survived my first day working on people besides my hapless classmates.  The patients were good natured (always a plus) and slowly developing confidence.

But in so many ways, it's like schooling a horse.  Break down the steps, set up for success, practice until it gets easier, don't dwell on the mistakes.

So wish me luck.  My internship is only for this week and & I need 100 draws.  

I think horses are sometimes a bit easier to draw.  Giant jugular vein.
But after a (short) eight hour day in the hospital, I had the luxury of visiting my girls tonight.  It was pouring rain, miserable and dark, but I didn't mind.  I rode the filly and she seemed happy to be back at work. 

What a good little girl.

I am looking forward to getting more hours in the saddle this week!  If I am taking time from the real job, I might as well be smiling and doing something else I love during this time.


  1. Glad that the SFM & SFF are feeling better. Good luck with the internship, I hope you have fun ☺

  2. I'm so glad SFF's tooth problem was resolved. Chrome had caps stuck too, but they were on the front and didn't bother him at all. Good luck on the internship! I can't even imagine sticking a needle in someone! *shudder* It sounds like you're doing great though. :)

  3. Yay for a good tooth fairy visit. The internship sounds amazing and it's really great that you can empathize with your blood draw patients. I feel like getting that connection will get you 100 successful blood draws in no time! :)


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