Saturday, November 2, 2013

Where Did The Day Go?

Ever have one of those days when you have no idea where the time went?

That was pretty much my day today.  Did barn chores this morning, which was fine.  More horses in than normal, so it took a while.  I'm also looking forward to Daylights Savings so I don't have to turn horse out in the dark.  Unfortunately, I found out this morning that when aiming for the handle in the dark, it's possible to touch the electric fence.

That was a little hair raising and considering I have a lot of hair, I'm sure there was plenty being raised.

The feral mare and myself the first year I met/had her.  Notice copious amounts of hair to which I could easily frizz.

But besides that, I did all that typical stuff, did some home errands, went to job #2 and back to the barn and fell into the vortex of horsedom.  I do vaguely remember lunging the semi feral filly and putting her tail up and getting the semi feral mare out.

I have been trying to work on being softer in my trot/halt & walk to halt cues and being more self aware and consistent with my seat as the primary aid.  Harder than it seems, especially when I keep trying to stiffen and protect my back which in turn locks my pelvis.

I find it amazing how horses are willing to trudge through when we are so conflicting and inconsistant.  Really, they are quite good natured critters.

But back to the void.  After that, who knows what the heck I was doing?  Somehow I managed to be at the barn from four thirty until nine thirty.  One would think I might have accomplished more, but who knows? 

Anyone else have a tendency to get sucked into the void? 

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